Texas Smoked Brisket Miso Ramen

Ramen in black bowl

Yield: 2 large servings

Prep: 30 minutes

Totally Time: 1 hour 30 minutes



4 (4in. x 5in.) Kombu Sheets

6 Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

6 c. Water

1 c. Bonito Flakes

Ramen Paste:

1 Yellow Onion (diced)

10 Cloves of Garlic (diced)

1 tsp. Hot Chili Oil

1 Tbsp. Roasted Sesame Oil

¼ c. Soy Sauce

2 Tbsp. Hot Chili Paste

1 Tbsp. Ginger (grated)


3 Tbsp. Miso Paste

Corn (sauteed & slightly charred)

Enoki Mushrooms (sauteed & slightly charred)

Green Onions (chopped)

Fresh Ramen Noodles (cooked)

Texas Smoked Briskets 


  1. Dashi: Fill a large saucepan with 6 cups of cool water. Soak the kombu and dried shiitake mushrooms in the cool water for 30 minutes. Then, add in the bonito flakes, and place the saucepan onto a medium heat. Do not let the water boil. Simmer for 30 minutes. Using a fine mesh sieve, drain the prepared dashi liquid into a new large saucepan. Discard the solids (kombu, shiitake mushrooms and bonito flakes). Place the saucepan back onto a medium heat.
  2. Ramen Paste: Meanwhile, puree the yellow onion, and garlic cloves in a food processor. Pour the raw onion/garlic puree, hot chili oil, and roasted sesame oil into a deep skillet, and place onto a medium heat. Cook the mixture until it turns a light golden brown (about 15 minutes). Then add in the soy sauce, hot chili paste, and ginger. Stir until all of the ingredients are well combined. Continue to cook the paste for another 5 - 10 minutes, or until it is thick (similar to a tomato paste in texture). Set 4 tbsp. of the ramen paste aside for step 3 (below). Store the remaining ramen paste in an airtight container, in the refrigerator. This paste acts like a bouillon, and will flavor many soups to come.  
  3. Now, using a small fine mesh sieve & a spoon, push the miso paste through the sieve into the dashi broth. Then, add in the 4 tbsp. of prepared ramen paste. Gently stir until well combined. 
  4. Assembly, pour the hot miso broth into a large bowl, and then gently add into the ramen noodles. Top with moist (& with the bark) texas smoked brisket, charred corn, charred enoki mushrooms, and green onions. Optional: pour in a small amount of soy sauce, hot chili oil, garlic oil and sesame oil. Agitate the broth with the brisket to get that beefy flavor throughout the broth. Serve. 
  5. Enjoy!